Field Study Practice 2013 (English Study Program of STKIP PGRI Pacitan)

Field Study Practice is an effort or program that provides the opportunity for students to establish their potential as a candidate of professional teacher, this is done in order to set up and improve the quality of being a teacher.

Field Study Practice is also an activity related to the lecture/ learning campus, but more likely on direct observation in the field that can be either observations or seek information. This kind of study is a program that must be implemented so that students not only know the subject/ subjects in the classroom, but they go directly to the field to conduct the review, understanding, learning, and observation of the environment related to the lecture material.

It is done with the hope that students get to know some important things in the field that are still pertinent to the lecture in the classroom. Of course the class will be in touch with their surroundings as external aspects. Field Study Practice will also give the real experience of the student in this case English Education Study Program of STKIP PGRI Pacitan. This is done considering in the location namely Borobudur temple, there are many international tourist there. Most of them are native speaker of English, so students can train their English speaking ability with English native speaker. They can measure how far their knowledge that they get in the campus when it is applied in the real world.

In addition, the second location as the purpose of filed study practice is Sahid Raya Hotel Yogyakarta. Over there, the students will learn all about table manner that includes eating etiquette, demo making bed, demo bartending, demo cooking and showing room. The first option is has aim to give information how to face the formal dinner and also show us many kinds of eating etiquette during in the eating agenda.

Whole series of activities that have been taken by the student is expected to generate knowledge that can be practiced in order to promote the progress and development of the course.

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