POCKET PUZZLE: Media Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris

gambar pocket puzzle

1. Tools and Materials:

· Styrofoam

· Mica

· Glue for Styrofoam

· Stick

· Cutter

· Scissors

· Alphabet card

· Picture card

2. How to make learning media:

· Prepare all tools

· Slice the Styrofoam and make it such a box.

· Patch each part of Styrofoam box become square with special glue for Styrofoam.

· Covered the Styrofoam with mica as the pocket of the card.

· Insert card into the media.

· Media is ready to use.

step pembuatan materi

3. How to use:

This media is very simple, we serve a picture in each side then we give place to be filled by appropriate alphabet and user have to arrange the alphabet become correct word according to the picture served. User could spin box to find out the alphabet.

4. This media is used for teach vocabulary subject matter of the upper class.

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