Communicating with Gestures

hand sign

Gestures of body language are means of non-verbal communication, where body actions replace speech, to convey different forms of feelings. These gestures can be sign language, hand movements or facial expressions. Body gestures are physical activities that make us aware of proxemics and proximity of one’s mind.

Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are powerful gestures in communication that reflect mixture of different feelings without uttering or speaking out. Smiles reflect happiness, warmth, joy, affiliation, closeness, friendliness, liking, etc. In contrary a gloomy face or frowns express disliking, dejection, sadness, anger, etc. Sadistic smile is a subtle expression of jealousy, pride and negative thoughts.

Eye Contact

Eye contact establishes a virtual relation between different people. It is an important channel of interpersonal communication in corporate or personal life. Expressions in eyes are signals that increase speaker’s credibility. Eyes reflect a paraphernalia of human attributes and personality. You can read one’s mind by looking at eyes. Eyes reflect sympathy, desires, ecstasy, nervousness, fear, jealousy, treachery, poverty, depression, etc. Eyes are just like mirror, reflecting different contours of human emotions.

Hand Gestures

Hand gestures in communication or body movements are signs that can reflect your resentment or contentment. Hand gestures using fingers to depict your thought can be perceived in different ways. Symbols of ‘viva’, ‘ok’, ‘thumbs-up’, ‘hello’, ‘good bye’, etc., bear specific meanings. These are also called emblem of fingers. Body gestures like nodding head are illustrations for acceptance or rejection. Similarly, pointing fingers and directing with either hand are a form of non-verbal communication.. Displaying emotions like, embarrassment, sadness, insult, etc., can be conveyed by hiding face with both hands

Materi diperoleh dari perkuliahan Cross Culture Understanding, dosen pengampu ibu Setyarina. Materi lengkap dapat di unduh di sini.

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