Forgettable Historical Monument

tumpak rinjing

Pacitan – In fact, the easy route to be accessed does not influence the visitors to come to Tumpak Rinjing Monument. Many bushes grow up all over the location, it shows that the monument is in sleazy condition. it seems no more than thousands arranged bricks stand up in the bank of the road. Whereas, if it is managed well, it can be one of the history tourism destination. Because, Tumpak Rinjing Monument is the place where General Soedirman ever fought with colonizer from Netherland in 1948.

Tumpak Rinjing Monument is located in Pringkuku Sub District and Pacitan Regency. It was built for one aim, namely to memorize the heroes who fell down in the war agains the colonialism. In the wall of the monument there is a text that said:

Monumen Tumpak Rinjing dibangun untuk mengenang jasa para pahlawan yang gugur dalam pertempuran di Tumpak Rinjing. Pertempuran terjadi pada tanggal 7 Juni 1948 di Tumpak Rinjing antara tentara Indonesia yang dipimpin Jenderal Soedirman dibantu oleh masyarakat Pacitan melawan Pemerintah Kolonial Belanda.

It means that Tumapak Rinjing Monument was bulit to memorize the heroes merit that fell down on the battle field of Tumpak Rinjing. The battle occurred on June, 7th 1948 between Indonesia’s soldiers that led by General Soedirman helped by Pacitanese agains colonialism of Netherland Government. Beside the General Soedirman sculpture stands a man, he is Brigadier General Ignatius Slamet Riyadi who also involved in the war.

Now, the condition of the monument is very bad. There is no action from the regional government to keep it. It needs help from regional government to renovate the monument. They should not forget the heroes merit if Indonesia wants to be great country. The government has to learn from sacrifice of the heroes in the past.

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