Rubbish in the Gutter

Pacitan – Wet season periodically occur during October to March in each year in Indonesia. It caused by the geographical location of this country which located in tropical climate. When the rain comes, it can spend all day long without stop. The classical story as the end of this season is all about disaster, including land slide, storm, and flood. Flood is the most dominant of all. It happens most of every year in every area in Indonesia. It can be the big problem in each region, include in Pacitan regency. Bad drainage to be the reason of the water filling a place and not flowing. Of course, it is not the only one reason, there some reason support this condition. We can look at our society life style. Do they apply healthy life?. Most of our people neglect the clean environment. They often throw the rubbish into the gutter or even the river. It is nasty behavior that can stuck the water flow and it can make the water over flow that finally the flood crash the residence. Many people still less in awareness to keep the environment clean. It is become the urgent homework not only for the government but also for every single person in this country, unless the flood comes every year. As the religion proverb said “ Clean is Part of Faith”. If we know somebody else do bad, it is our obligation to give warning. Keep healthy with doing healthy life.

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