Sampoerna for Indonesia’s Education

Education is an expensive thing in Indonesia. Not all people are able to enjoy this facility, only people who have high level in economic can enjoy it. In contrast, people who have low in economic don’t have chance to get an equal education. It is serious problem of education that must be deveated by government immediately. The 1945 constitution, article 31 states that every citizen deserve to get education and government has obligation to finance it. In fact the aducation fund is not allocated optimally so it makes education system can not run well. Many children are neglected in their education because their parents are disable to finance the school fee. Therefore, it needs private sector to give concern for this condition. In this case, foundation of education has important role to help poor student to keep continuing their study. As we know, education is one of the way to get success beside skill and talent. So that government has to provide free education or at least cheap education.

“Education is a luxury for many of Indonesia’s 230 million people. Each year 1.5 million young people are unable to continue their education due to financial difficulties, and only 18 percent of those who graduate from high school have the means to pursue higher education, according to the Ministry of Education in 2009. The education sector also is critically under-funded: just 17.5 percent of the state budget is set aside for education, significantly less than in neighboring countries, according to UNESCO. As Indonesia’s first social business enterprise, the Putera Sampoerna Foundation has been well-equipped to tackle these challenges since its inception. One of the foundation’s Four Pillars is a commitment to education and leadership”. (

Putera Sampoerna Foundation is foundation that concern on education. They commitment is in education and leadership. They give scholarship to achievement student who have problem in their financial. Every student that get scholarship from this foundation will be financed until graduate with specific requirement and of course it is very helpful when the government less concern of them, the foundation presence is needed to support national education system in Indonesia. According to UNESCO that Indonesia still less in allocating the state budged for education than in neighboring countries. it possibly means that education in Indonesia is not important thing to fight. Whereas with good quality of education, government will get prestige from abroad. Although Putera Sampoerna Foundation give scholarship, but not all student can get it. Only achievement student and lucky can get it. First, the candidate of recipient has to full fill the requirement such as they must have good mark at least with eight mark in average and never do immoral behavior during the scholarship received, it is like a rule that must be obeyed. The right of scholarship will be revoked for student who break the rule. So it need high responsibility to keep achievement for every recipient. The effort of this foundation must get appreciate from government and it can be example for the others.

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